The history of LLC “BUSINESS UNION” dates back to 2000. It was then that the founders of the company conceived the idea of creating a unique refueling complex for the Russian market. In a short time were obtained the necessary permits and put into production devices for commercial accounting of petroleum products TZK-100.

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At that time, the market was not ready for a qualitatively different product from all its peers, and it was not easy to find the first customers. But the team of "BUSINESS UNION" was confident of success, "burned" with its work. And in a short time TZK-100 became popular in the oil and gas industry.

In 2006, one of the founders, Anna Vadimovna Baranova, takes the helm. The company has its own design department. One of the activities of the organization becomes tank farm design. Among our first major projects are the Kaluganefteprodukt, Ryazannefteprodukt, Khabarovsk Alliance, Volgograd Oblast Emergency Situations Ministry, LUKOIL-Severozapadnefteprodukt.

The global crisis of 2007–2008, which had a negative impact on the country's economy, became an incentive to improve the efficiency of all the activities of the “BUSINESS UNION”. The company expands its product range; develops and launches installation top multi-product loading of petroleum products through a single loading console without mixing.

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In the next few years, the company continues its development: it moves to a new level of accreditation, acquires ownership of a land plot for construction of storage facilities and a paint shop, expands the geography of equipment supplies. Among the customers are Rosneft, LUKOIL, Gazpromneft, YUKOS, Alliance, Bashneft, Rosrezerv RF, Transneft. A significant event for the organization was the participation in the construction of the LUKOIL Voda-Bereg gas station in St. Petersburg in 2010.

During this period, the company managed to achieve significant results, which was noted by a number of awards:
• TZK-100 in the list of “100 best goods of Russia”;
• Gold Medal for the development and implementation of the TZK-100;
• Gold medal for the accuracy of measuring the mass of petroleum products using the TZK-100;
• Diploma of the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology for the development of technology.
• Gold Medal for maintaining high quality accuracy of metrological measurements.
• Diploma for reliability and high quality of the TZK-100.

The currency crisis in Russia in 2014-2015 led to a decrease in consumer demand, which could not but affect the majority of domestic enterprises. For our company, it was also a difficult period. The unfavorable market conditions prompted the management of the “BUSINESS UNION” to make significant adjustments to the organization’s activities. One of the key tasks of the company during this period was participation in the state program of import substitution. Production of risers was started. (consoles), gas separators, filters and other devices. This helped the company to quickly get back on its feet..

And in 2016, LLC “BUSINESS UNION” continues active systematic growth and development. A new building for production purposes appears in the company’s property, work on its reconstruction begins. Increased production. The geography of equipment supplies is expanding. The development of new equipment and software continues, taking into account advanced technologies and in accordance with changes in the technical regulations of the Customs Union. The internal academy of professional and personal growth of employees begins to function..

From the day of its foundation to the present, the company has been guided in its activities by the mission: to increase the efficiency of each CIS oil depot and to contribute to the development of industry in the Russian Federation.

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