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Large-scale re-equipment of oil depots in Russia

23/10/2018 00:10

Equipping of ACH with mass consumables - Rosneft Oil Company

One of the key partners of our company is Rosneft.
In accordance with the target program for the automation of measurements, all the tank farms of this group of companies should be transferred to the accounting of petroleum products by mass in certain periods.

LLC “BUSINESS UNION” is one of the leading enterprises involved in designing and manufacturing equipment for the oil and gas industry, as well as supplying spare parts and servicing not only its own installations, but also equipment from other manufacturers.

At one of the objects of Rosneft Oil Company, which has been operating our equipment for 8 years, the employees of LLC BUSINESS UNION produced ACS with mass flow meters and preventive maintenance.

All these 8 years of installation have been used without any proper maintenance. However, the equipment of our company is fully functioning, which once again confirms its quality and reliability.

We consider it necessary to remind that the lack of planned service measures may be the reason for the shortening of the service life of the oil products metering complexes. For the safest and most reliable operation of our equipment, as well as an increase in its service life, it is necessary to carry out timely maintenance and repairs.

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