We offer the opportunity to quickly and without significant non-recurring costs get new equipment, so necessary for your production, allows you to optimize processes in a short time and start earning profits tomorrow.

Advantages of buying in leasing:

  1. it is technically easier for a company to receive assets for leasing than a loan for their acquisition, since a leased asset with sufficient liquidity can simultaneously act as collateral;
  2. provides funding for the investment operation in full and does not require immediate payment, which allows you to purchase high-value assets without diverting significant amounts of funds from economic activities;
  3. this is a more flexible source than a loan, as it provides an opportunity for both parties to work out a convenient payment scheme (for example, lease payments can be made after receiving revenue from sales of goods produced on leased equipment, take into account the seasonality of the business, etc.);
  4. allows for various forms and types of security;
  5. reduces the risks associated with owning assets;
  6. leasing payments are included in the costs of production (cost price) of the lessee in full and, accordingly, reduce the taxable profit;
  7. the received assets, as a rule, do not belong to the lessee on the balance sheet, which frees him from paying tax on this property;
  8. provides the possibility of obtaining qualified service and maintenance services, etc..

Leasing of equipment is gaining increasing popularity among oil and gas companies.

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Terms of financing

We offer our customers to purchase leased equipment imported and domestic production on the following conditions:

  1. We finance legal entities, individual entrepreneurs.
  2. Term of leasing: up to 36 months.
  3. Advance payment: from 10%.
  4. Currency of leasing agreement: rubles
  5. The time for consideration of an application and the formation of a final decision will be from 1 to 5 days.

Advantages of leasing

  1. Decrease in tax deductions, the lessee is entitled in full volume to classify leasing payments as the cost of its products (services), thus achieving significant savings on income tax;
    • VAT payments are made during the leasing agreement with each lease payment, which allows you to send to the payment of VAT income derived from the use of the leased asset (with the use of credit funds, VAT is paid at a time at the time of purchase);
  2. Availability
    • leasing enables the company to purchase equipment and increase production capacity without large one-time costs.
  3. The possibility of using accelerated depreciation
    • leasing allows the use of accelerated depreciation (coefficient of up to 3), as a result, at the end of the leasing period, the lessee receives the most from depreciable assets with a high market value.
  4. Preservation of the "credit attractiveness" of the enterprise
    • the acquisition of property in leasing does not lead to an increase in borrowed funds, thus, the possibility of obtaining additional loans.
  5. Convenient system of payments
    • the scheme of settlements under the leasing agreement implies equal monthly payments, which helps you calculate your business budget accurately and simply throughout the entire lease term.
  6. The labor-intensive operations on accounting of property leased.

We are sure that any of your undertakings will be successful. If you are interested in leasing our equipment, if you need a complex of TZK-100, systems for commercial accounting of discharge / filling of oil products or a whole technological line, if you are engaged in the modernization or reconstruction of a refueling complex - we are happy to cooperate with you!



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