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At any enterprise engaged in the storage and transportation of petroleum products, filling equipment is used for the operation of the upper and lower filling of products in tanks (road or rail).

As a rule, in the design of filling the filling console is installed spring-type shock absorber mechanism, which ensures the movement of the tip of the console up and down, when the product is fed into the tank. The complexity of the process lies in the fact that the spring mechanism is difficult to adjust the movement of the console and it is necessary to use physical force, either when lowering the console into the neck of the tank, or when lifting. According to the tolerance, the console must be adjusted with a force of not more than 100 N.

Stand-alone filling equipment can only be used for single tanks. For group and route loading, more convenient technological overpasses are used. For the operation of filling products and the safe movement of staff between the overpass and the tank (road or rail) is used transition ladder. The basis of the design of the transition ladder, as well as the design of the filling console is a spring-type shock absorber.

This control system provides in the work of the ladder fixation in two possible positions:

  • garage, when vertically mounted on the overpass with a mechanical latch;
  • working when lowered to the surface of the tank.

The service is run by a retaining circuits: ladder under the weight of the operator adopts the operating position, and, after the end of the loading process, you need to exert more force to the spring damper returned the ladder in the garage position.




Инновационная система
Компания «ДЕЛОВОЙ СОЮЗ» разработала инновационную систему гидравлического управления для обеспечения более продуктивной работы наливного оборудования, без применения физических усилий, где движение конструкций осуществляется за счет гидравлического привода путем подачи команды через пульт управления.

In the design of the ladder and the filling console, instead of spring-type shock absorbers, cylinders with a piston device are installed, a small pump is installed next to it. When the command is given on the control panel, the pump, creating pressure, begins to supply oil to the cylinder with the piston. This mechanism ensures safety, smooth running and ease of operation. Vertical movement of the loading console or ladder can be stopped at any time and in any position, without physical effort. Such a constructive solution helps to optimize the working process, creates a safe environment for professionals serving oil equipment and directly or indirectly affects the financial benefits and development of the refinery.

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